“Top Ten” Best Bets & Tips

Use a Licensed Mortgage Professional who has been referred to you by someone you trust or a reputable company like Orlando Home Mortgages that will provide you references. 

It’s not only about rate!  Term, total costs, and service are as important. 

Do not deal with anyone unwilling to explain every detail and educate you thoroughly. 

Do not pay any application fees up-front or at closing. Applying for a mortgage should be FREE. 

Do not pay any non-refundable deposits or third-party fees up-front. 

Prior to closing, do not pay for an appraisal until you have been issued a conditional approval in writing. 

Accept that there may be a better way to meet your goals than you had originally thought. Be open-minded, and listen to the advice of the Licensed Mortgage Professional you have chosen to work with. 

With a Licensed Mortgage Professional, you are more likely to be presented with a variety of options for various qualifications unique to your circumstances.  

Ultimately, “People deal with People.”  Be more concerned with the individual you are dealing with than the company. 

Be patient; impatience only leads to stress and this transaction should not be stressful. It should be a joyful pleasant experience if you are doing it for the right reasons.

The First Step

In the home buying process, pre-qualifying for your mortgage is the first step. Whether you are refinancing, obtaining a home equity line, purchasing, constructing a new home or making home improvements, you should pre-qualify for the mortgage first, this will save you valuable time and money.

Quick & Simple

Orlando Home Mortgages can quickly get you the lowest possible rate quote, at the lowest possible costs. We will not confuse you with several mortgage quotes that you will still need to compare.

We will provide you the best possible quote up front using 25 years plus experience in the Orlando Florida mortgage market.

Effective & Competitive

The Orlando Market is the most competitive mortgage market in the US. You can take out the guess work, by letting us do the “mortgage shopping” for you.

When you request your pre-approval, your credit will only be checked once, keeping the inquiries low, thus keeping your credit score unaffected.

Shop Hundreds Of Wholesale Lenders

Orlando Home Mortgages uses your unique qualifications to shop hundreds of mortgage lenders and mortgage investors nationwide to get you the best possible rate quote, at the lowest possible costs.

The Biggest Mistakes Made by Borrowers & Potential Borrowers

$ Paying an up-front Non-Refundable Application Fee or Deposit

$ Choosing a mortgage product before examining all alternatives 

$ Electing a FHA product over a conforming product that may better fit your            needs 

$  Electing to close with your builder’s referral because of closing costs                       contributions without shopping the quote around first 

$ Accepting the “house realtors” referral without shopping the quote around          first

$ Believing you have to have a substantial down payment to buy a home

$ Believing you have to have perfect credit to buy a home

$ Believing you have to be able to prove all of your income to buy a home 

$ Believing you can’t live in as good of housing (if you buy) for what you are              currently paying in rent

$ Closing the loan even though it was not what you were quoted and promised

$ Not realizing or Not knowing about any Prepayment Penalties

$ Throwing away original docs from your closing instead of keeping them for a        possible refinance


   97% LTV Purchase No PMI, No Appraisal, and repairs not required


    125% Loan To Value Refinance No MI


    125% Loan To Value Refinance No MI


    Loans between $417,000 and $1.5 million – Purchase or Refinance


    Qualify with Down Payment not Credit

$ FHA, USDA, & Conforming Loans & Construction Perms



September 2020